Sarah Munian Ramnath 

Freelance writer & Photographer

Writer for TripAdvisor  and Zomato.

Durban, South Africa

Wise Words

Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.  “Ansel Adams”



Sarah Ramnath (née Munian)

Marital Status  

Married with 2 adult children


Matric, Tourism Management,  Reiki Practitioner


Reading, writing, travelling, hiking, watching sci-fi movies,
Spending time with family is my greatest blessings.

I always had a passion for writing, have been writing fiction stories since my teen years.  Now have been bitten by the travel bug, and that’s how travel writing was conceived.

I believe that if you start something, see it through – no matter how long it takes to complete it.

I am also a firm believer in the existence of aliens and other life forms, hence, the reason I love sci-fi.

People who openly declare they don’t read, but prefer to watch television, genuinely puzzles me.  Reading makes you think, to be more creative, to visualize, it stimulates your mind and imagination.


What are the odds of contracting Covid19 and recovering within 3 days

I never thought I would contract Covid19, was so sure of it. I had been so cautious – with social distancing, sanitizing, masking up, not going to places where it’s overcrowded, no touchy-touchy – but I did! My hubby was tested positive on 2/5/2022, and by then, my 28-year-old son and I were already having …

Birthday lunch

Hi friends Today’s my birthday or was – oh well, it still is. I kind of don’t like anyone making a fuss about my birthday anymore, maybe it’s an ‘age thing.’ No surprise parties, just a quiet lunch or dinner with my family is what I’d like. My son introduced me to a new restaurant …


This was my veggie lunch for today – takeaway pasta called Mariannas from Mimmo’s, a delightful Italian restaurant at Pavilion, Durban. My choice of serving was the penne with a dash of olive oil and garlic, with sundried tomatoes, pickled jalapenos, roasted peppers & brinjals (aubergine/eggplant) mushrooms with feta. The saltiness of the chewy sundried …



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